5km Running Plans

The 5K is often a new runner's first foray into endurance racing. It may be the shortest distance plan we offer but don't be mistaken, it is far from a sprint.

The sessions covered over the 8-week training schedule will focus on the same fundamentals as our other distances; speedwork, tempo runs and long slow runs. You'll notice that your long run day will often cover distances further than your planned race distance. Use this as an opportunity to put mileage in the legs. Train your legs to run 8km and they'll be thanking you on race day!

You might have just caught the running bug and just completed a couch to 5K program. If so, use our sub-30 plan to further increase your endurance and speed. Want to top the ladder down at the local Park Run? Check out the sub-18 or sub-20 to really feel the burn. See you at the finish line.

30 minute 5km plan

25 minute 5km plan

20 minute 5km plan

18 minute 5km plan

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