Founded and run by two friends who love to run

Born out of a love of running and a hatred for spreadsheets, we started this app as a way of helping us hit our training targets and achieving our running goals. Now we hope to do the same for you.

Screenshot of marathon spreadsheet

Two life long friends searching for adventures

We've been friends since childhood and have both recently emigrated to Australia. Since school, athletics has always been something that has played a big part in our lives. Sprinters in our youth, we’ve since lost that explosive pace and pivoted to the world of long-distance running. The one constant is having each other to push, challenge and coerce ourselves to be the best that we can be.

Training for the 2021 Sydney Marathon was a nightmare. Lockdowns, curfews and cancellations during Covid meant we were constantly changing our plans. These plans consisted of spreadsheets containing suggested workouts lifted from the internet, we did the best we could to constantly amend them when "life got in the way".

We got something right as we hit our targets of completing the marathon in under 4 hours. Since then we’ve raced a few more times, each time writing our schedule out on a spreadsheet and trying our best to live by it.

We decided at this point to migrate our spreadsheets into something much more powerful, and Dangelo was born.